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Budget eMachines Hot Rod (for my gamer grandfather)

by cmcewen87



CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

40.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

51.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

40.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

85.0° C


EDIT: - Added Windows Experience Index breakdown

This is a machine that I built for my grandfather who is a big WWII shooter fan (surprised? lol). He's on a fixed income, so it is being built in stages (more to come in the future as things go on sale, etc...). The SSD and Blu-Ray drive are recent additions.

In case you were wondering what's up with the case, here's the deal. My grandfather loves computers, but he hates getting rid of things. There are 4 full rigs with peripherals ready to go in his basement that he doesn't use. He bought that ET-1810 POS on clearance somewhere and never really used it either. When I decided to pitch building a budget machine (to replace that Celeron garbage), it was only natural for me to eliminate a case from the budget and spend the dollars on the performance.

The thing actually works much better than I would have expected too, plus I kinda like the irony of turning a budget box into something that's worth the space it takes up. The temps are not bad considering the abhorrent lack of airflow in the thing and the use of stock coolers. FYI, the load temps I listed are 30-minute stress testing values (Prime95 / FurMark).

As far as the gaming goes, I have been playing BioShock: Infinite on it in 720 with high detail and it is VERY playable (chugs a little when things get really busy) and any other older games have been flawless maxed out (Medal of Honor Series, Brothers in Arms Series, etc...).

Thanks for taking a look. I will be updating this build as things are added or changed. Thinking about maybe some case mods to improve the look / function of the crappy case, I'm open for suggestions.

P.S. Sorry for the dirty desk and the terrible rat's nest wiring (kinda threw that SSD / BD-RE in there, lol).

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mousseng 1 Build 5 points 63 months ago

I really dig this. It's got low-end hardware, a horrendous case, and dreadful cable management, but that all gives it some strange charm about it. Probably has something to do with your grandfather, who sounds like a super cool dude.

Q: do you ever plan on upgrading that video card? It's kind of a shame to have a huge screen like that piddling along at 720p. Hardware-wise, that's really the biggest bottleneck and most urgent upgrade - although a new case could be a more easily-attained luxury.

Anyways, cheers dude, +1 from me.

cmcewen87 submitter 1 Build 1 point 63 months ago

I agree completely, the GPU is definitely the weak link. He doesn't do enough gaming (well, new gaming lol) to justify going all out, but I've definitely been thinking a 650 of some description would fit just right.

Everything else is pretty decent. Maybe an i3, but it's definitely not worth it right now. Though he has gotten really into ripping DVDs with HandBrake and playing them on the TV (convinced him to buy a WDTV).

Jamerson23 1 point 51 months ago

A cheap $150 video card is the new 750ti. I would recommend that. If you can afford it, that is.

kirbyloveszoe 0 points 63 months ago

I agree with upgrading the video card. it seems like a 7750/7770/650ti would keep his grandfather gaming for a long time.

Of course this all really depends on the resolution he is playing at.

cmcewen87 submitter 1 Build 2 points 63 months ago

I definitely agree with you guys about the GPU. A 650 of some description is definitely on the wishlist.

I don't know why, but I feel strangely compelled to keep the POS case. Trying to come up with elegant solutions for airflow and cable management is an interesting challenge.

Thanks for the comments :)

kirbyloveszoe -1 points 63 months ago

If you would like a suggestion for a case, may I recommend the Fractal Design Core 1000? (https://pcpartpicker.com/part/fractal-design-case-fdcacore1000bl)

cmcewen87 submitter 1 Build 2 points 63 months ago

Wow, that's a lot of features for a $30 chassis! Elegant black interior, nice and compact while not being too prohibitive. Well laid out, seemingly good airflow (comes with 1x120mm intake). Best part? ... $30. lol

kirbyloveszoe -1 points 63 months ago

I dare say it is one of the best budget micro atx cases.

Spenlard 1 point 63 months ago

Very nice man. I loooove those builds with character like this one. That pentium is still pretty strong, and would be great paired with like a 7770 or so.

NUclearD3 1 Build 1 point 63 months ago

Really nice build for what it needs to do. And love that your grandfather is still into gaming.

cmcewen87 submitter 1 Build 1 point 63 months ago

Thanks :) Yeah, he's kinda hilarious when he really gets into it! Been trying to get him into other kinds of games, but he's really stuck on Nazi killing. Did have him playing Company of Heroes for a bit though and he liked it.

ablettdavid@gmail.com 1 Build 1 point 63 months ago

try to get him to play heroes and generals, its another ww2 game

kirbyloveszoe 0 points 63 months ago

I love these kinds of builds. I hope one day I will have enough left over parts to make simple computers for family and friends.

[comment deleted]