Budget general computing and publishing build, tiny, looks great, lian - li quality. Fiddly but enjoyable case to build in. The nvme drive is an Apacer but I could not find it here, the Adata is pretty similar. The prices aren't very accurate as I didn't pay anywhere near that much for windows 10, the motherboard cost me £90 on sale and the 2400g was only £120, the monitor was £90, the case was £30 as it was ancient stock that they wanted rid of. I just used the stock cooler as she doesn't do any heavy work or gaming. It's taken me a while to publish this.

Part Reviews


Perfect for this type of build, it's faster and performs better than I expected.


I thought this board was brilliant for this case, very straightforward and easy to use layout with more capability than I needed, I got a great deal on this with a massive discount in one online shop. Apparently this m/b (and most B450 and X470 itx boards) aren't great for o/c and power users, buildzoid has recommended jumping straight to X570 itx boards.


Ram is ram and this is pretty good value, it was cheaper than corsair value 2400 and crucial basic. I'd read that Ryzen responds well to fast ram so this being 3,000MHZ was also a factor.


Actually a cheap Apacer nvme ssd, it works fine and runs the operating system.


Cheap and works fine, it will never be used to anywhere near capacity so I haven't got any longevity worries.


Lovely little case, it looks fabulous, it's not too bad to build in, the side panels attach with tiny screws which are a bit of a pain. It comes with a huge fan in front which helps to keep things quiet and cool.

Power Supply

Impressive little power supply with an adaptor bracket. It's very quiet in this build. This is the v.2 psu as the v.1 had some clicking issues when in fanless mode on some systems, this version doesn't have a fanless mode so it's actually better for sff builds as it's always moving air.

Optical Drive

Cheap, it works and my mother wanted it.

Operating System

OEM key, cheap as chips.


Very impressive monitor for very little money.

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