Gaming, this case is great for airflow and has dust covers to prevent.. well dust, however very tight fitting for the cable management but i got it done. Also i got my card on sale for like 200 less than this shows, very excited haven’t built a pc since GTX 970 were top line. I haven’t gotten into Overclocking.. bc well tbh the frame rights are down right good already, no need to stress my system. The ICUE tech built in with the case is pretty cool, with some games causing light reactions with the case. Temps are being generous, tested in witcher 3 and Modern Warfare and these were max i witnessed

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  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

''great for airflow''. Is it really with the big glass blocking the three fans? How are the temperatures?

  • 16 days ago
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there’s no glass blocking the fans. the fans are pointed outwards with mesh over them

  • 5 days ago
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I think you've got a different case then the one you selected on this website then.

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