So I've been primarily an OS X user for many years with only using consoles to do occasional gaming. I'd been thinking of putting a build together for a couple of years but there always seemed something else that the money was going towards. Finally I saved enough to get a medium build together and I'm pretty happy with the results. Hopefully this desktop will become my main source for everything and will last for many years to come!

I didn't encounter many problems during building, but it took longer due to work commitments and having to be away. I finally found time to crack on with assembling parts and it didn't really take long to get it altogether. The motherboard I/O shield was a little more fiddly than I thought it should have been, and I had issues getting the motherboard into place in the case after fitting the CPU cooler, but all in all it was fairly easy to get going, and now that it is going I couldn't be happier with it!

Please ignore the scrappy hand me down keyboard, mouse and speakers as these will be upgraded in due time!

Part Reviews


Seemed to be the best option for me price and performance wise. No overclocking here so based the build on this and it's excellent so far.

CPU Cooler

Decided to replace the stock cooler even when I probably didn't need to as this is cheap and does a better job! Little fiddly to fit and I was surprised at the amount of force it puts down on the mobo. Even so, great value for money.


Decided to go for a cheaper motherboard and its true you certainly get what you pay for. Generally happy with it although I think fan header placement could be better. Does the job and looks good.


RAM is RAM. Decided to one stick of 8GB for now and upgrade in the future. Will probably buy the same again.


Excellent SSD for the price. Using this to boot windows off and will run games off an older Hard drive I had lying around. Awesome.

Video Card

Now I can't say that aesthetics didn't play a huge part here but the 1060 6GB is probably more than I need for what I'll be doing! Still however it gives me a little more performance to play with and matches the case nicely.


First part I bought. As soon as I saw other builds using this I knew I wanted it. Looks awesome and is very easy to work with. Cable management was a dream with all the little tie-wrap points used.

Power Supply

Bought this as the lower 430W was out of stock. Probably overkill in terms of power but allows me for more freedom in future upgrades. Modular PSU would have been nicer to work with.


Looks sleek and professional with a tiny bezel! Chose to go for an IPS panel for the better image quality and viewing angle and I wasn't disappointed. Sturdy stand looks lovely and feels good too. All in all very happy.

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Nice build!


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Why not a Ryzen 5 1500X for the CPU? The performance is almost identical, excluding a couple titles where Intel takes the lead, and it smashes the 7500 in multithreading. The multiplier is also unlocked, making it overclockable.

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