When I upgraded to Ryzen 7 I had a lot of parts left over to upgrade my wife's old build which was my gaming computer back in 2013 which consisted of an Asus M4A88T-M LE motherboard paired with an AMD Athlon Quad Core running on the 2 Seagates in raid 0 with a cheapo power supply and a tr2 cooler all crammed in a Dell XPS 7100 case. I reused the hard drives from her old computer but that's all that was recycled from that build. I was also left with the MSI 970 Gaming mobo from my old build which was paired with an AMD FX-8350, Hyper 212 Evo, and Kingston HyperX Ram. I also happened to have an R7 250 laying around that we threw in since the 8350 doesn't have integrated graphics. I did however buy a few new parts for this build just to give it some dazzle and a little bit more pep. These additions were the new DeepCool case, SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB drive, DeepCool RGB 350, and Corsair CX450M. All in all this build was great fun for my wife and I and she really enjoys changing the color of the RGB lighting every day. She also enjoys the huge speed increase in the ssd and the doubled processing power. Once I upgrade to either a 1080 or 1080ti she will be getting my old MSI R9 390x which I want to get the Kraken G10 for to liquid cool it since we all know the R9 390X also doubles as a heater in emergency situations.

Part Reviews


Got this from BestBuy since it was a last minute decision to throw an SSD in the build. So far so good no problems but only time will tell with SSD's. Highly recommend ATM for any budget builders!


Amazingly great case for the price. Great cable management, great aesthetics (other than the blue LED fan it comes with I just cut the wires to the LED lights not sure what they were thinking with blue lighting instead of white on a white case), great expand ability, and above all it's on the cheap! Got it for 46 bucks with a rebate and I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Power Supply

I have been running my CX750M for the past 3 builds I have made and it has been a great power supply with longevity being the key factor. Because of that I decided to go with a CX650M for my wifes build as it was on sale for a good price. Highly recommend to any budget builders out there!

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Pretty decent spare parts build.

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Lol!!! Thanks! it was fun for us thats for sure!