Greetings. this is currently a rundown of my rig and the entirety of what it has cost me.

Everything except for the GPU was bought early january 2018. as you can see i was royally F***ed with alot of components now. as more powerful CPU's are about to come out from AMD (ryzen 7 3rd Gen) and the ram costing far less by a massive margin. with this build you are expected to save somewhere in the £230 price range with how cheap everything is right now. as well as better access to more powerful and cheaper components.

Here is a list detailing where i acquired the parts from at the time.

CPU: Ebuyer - (2018)

Motherboard: Amazon - (2018)

Ram: Amazon - (2018)

GPU: Amazon - (2019)

CPU Cooler: Scan - (2018)

Case: Amazon - (2018)

PSU: Amazon - (2018)

OS: Amazon - (2018)

SSD: Amazon - (2018)

HDD: taken from old PC (re-formatted)

Thermal Paste: Amazon - (2018)

Fans: Amazon - (2018)

(Noctua Fans acquired on 2019 due to fan bearings for AIO Cooler degrading within the first year.)

This build is meant to serve as a learning lesson especially at a time when ram was so expensive, same with SSD's. if you are looking into building a new rig. id highly advise waiting another 3 months at best till AMD release their third gen CPU's.

Hope This is informative and helps. if there is any questions im always open to answer!

Part Reviews


Perfectly fine at the time but obviously better costing CPU's that give better performance are available now. but none the less still getting the job done perfectly fine!

CPU Cooler

Major annoyance issues over the past year with this. fans broke within the first year rattling. and the amount of noise from the pump relating to micro air bubbles is unreal. youl frequently be twisting and turning your PC or unscrewing the pump to get rid of the bubbles. other than that still works fine. but not a good experience that will last straight out of the box

Thermal Compound

simply superb and cheap thermal compound


cheap and effective board good for average overclocking as well. solid components


if it wasn't so expensive at the time 3000mhz would be where its at but none the less for the base standard its perfectly fine.

Video Card

plastic shroud, plastic backplate, F***ing loads of coil whine, terrible softward (Aorus) and horrible features such as passive and active fan dont work as intended. bad design. bad stock fan curve. otherwise if you get over some of these issues and fix the software based issues its a okey card. but for the price youd expect something decent straight out of the box


fantastic mid tower case. for top radiator mounting for AIO's great airflow. only downside is, not enough room in the back panel to cable manage correctly

Case Fan

these fans spin so slow yet force so much air through that i never hear them when PC is under full load and they are cooling my radiator.

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