Decided to switch over from being a console gamer my whole life to PC. I've wanted to build a custom PC for a few years now and finally gave in. This PC is built mainly for gaming but I also am using it for light music production and video editing. Overall it has been great experience and really happy with the performance so far. No issues with any components so far. I haven't tried any video editing with it yet but gaming has exceeded my expectations. There is also the NZXT internal USB hub in my case (can be seen in pictures) to expand USB headers for the Smart Device v2, Hue 2, Kraken x62. I'm only gaming on a 60hz monitor at 1080p at the moment but am looking to upgrade to a better monitor in the next few months. Will also upgrade PSU cables to custom cables at some point. I went a little over excessive with RGB stuff (because I'm a nerd like that!) and better quality parts, figured if I'm going to build a PC I would do it the right way and the way I wanted rather than want to upgrade things later down the road.

Still need to get a decent desk and gaming chair. Just making due with what I have at the moment. For peripherals, my father gave me his HP 25xw Monitor to use till I get a better one and I already had purchased a Corsair K55 keyboard and Corsair Harpoon mouse a few months ago. Speakers I am using I've had for a few years now and they are Audioengine A2+ and use Astro A40s for a headset.

Part Reviews


So far I'm loving the 9900k. I have it overclocked to 5Ghz on all cores. Not sure if I won the silicon lottery or if it the AIO Kraken x62 but being overclocked I'm staying at low 70s for temp when under load. Super fast CPU and happy I went with the I9 rather than the I7-9700k which was going to be my first choice.

CPU Cooler

Easy to install and love the look of the pump. Has been working very efficiently so far so no complaints.


Went with this board over my original choice of the ASUS Strix Z390. This board was $70 cheaper than the ASUS at the time. Very easy to overclock in BIOS and I love the RGB on the board. I also wanted this board since it had 4 USB 2.0 along with 1 USB Type-C and 2 USB 3.1 and 3 USB 3.0.


Never used G.Skill RAM before but so far has worked great. No overclocking done just XMP profile set and has stock CL16 timing. Wanted to splurge for the 3600 but I couldn't justify the price difference for the faster speeds.


Just a basic SSD that I decided to add last minute because price was good and wanted to seperate my music, pictures and videos from the M.2.


Love this M.2. Highly recommended as a must have for any PC build. Makes life a lot easier. Can be a little pricey compared to a SSD drive but like I said its a must have. Went with 1TB so I can store all games and software on it without worry.

Video Card

Prices are still a little high at the moment for the GTX cards. I was going to get a RTX 2070 super but decided to stick with the good old 1070 Ti. I overclocked it with a +118 on core clock and +575 on the memory clock. Overall has ran games great and looks awesome in the case. Just need a better monitor to really see how she shines.


Absolutely love this case. I love the full tempered glass and the wire management channels. Comes with two RGB lightstrips pre installed and has the smart device v2 for fan and lighting control. Will not work with the RGB in the AER 2 fans though. It will control the fans but not power the RGB. Just and awesome case especially for under $100. Very easy to build and manage cables in.

Power Supply

Fully modular 750w and I got an awesome black friday price of only $69.99. Can't beat that deal so it was a no brainer. It has ECO mode switch that will keep the PSU fan off until it needs it which is a cool feature though I don't have it turned on.

Case Fan

Not really needed since my case came with exhaust fans but if you're into RGB than you get it.

Case Fan

Not really needed since my case came with exhaust fans but if you're into RGB than you get it. I did decide to get a 140mm since the top exhaust fan in my case will support a 140.

Case Accessory

To get the RGB to work with the AER 2 fans this is a must have. Purchased this afterwards after learning that the smart device v2 that came with my case will not work with the AER 2 fans RGB. Pointless addition really but gives some expand-ability to more RGB lighting and fans for the future.

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Why 1070 ti when a rtx 2070 on sell would beat it in performance and price.