This build worked very well as a gaming PC and wasn't very challenging to build.

Part Reviews


Amazing value for money with this CPU. A whole 6 cores and 12 threads is amazing for this price. Do consider buying if wanting to build a gaming PC with a budget of around $600 to $750.


Good motherboard for budget builds. It is a shames that it only comes with only 2 fan headers (one for the CPU heat sink and one for a case fan.

Video Card

Good GPU for the money. will play all games at 60fps or better on high settings.


Exceptional case for the price. The 2 fans work fine and has many bays for many storage devices.

Power Supply

This power supply should be enough for most gaming builds and certainly was for my one.


Does its job well with no issues.

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

you got a nice build. good airflow sensible prices. good performance, got room for expansion. they do sell fan controllers and fan splitters either one would be a good option. i know on ebay they sell molex to 4 pin adapters (1 molex to 4 fan headers) you would need to find quiet fans to use since they would be at 100 percent, but the adapter is like 99 cents it will work with 4 pin fans you would just have to break off part of the plastic on the adapter. EDIT: i did try to post a link to a 4Pin IDE Molex to 3-Port 3/4Pin Cooler Cooling Fan Splitter Power Adapter Cable on ebay but it broke the website. put that term and sort it low to high they are 2 dollars.