This is my first ever PC build, went for 1080p-mid 4k gaming on this one. I wanted a PC to run most 1080p games. I also want this to run CyberPunk 2077, which I believe it will! It's perfect if you're on a budget.

The only issue I had was cable management, holy heckin' balls I had to re-wire this thing 4 times before it looked remotely clean. Corsair did a decent job at helping with it, but this case simply needs more room in the back it's too dang slim back there!!

One more problem, the temps!!! Probably just AMD Stock cooler but this case is NOT perfect for airflow, but other than that, I love this PC build.

Note - iPhone killed the image quality, my bad.

Part Reviews


This lil' beast eats up any program I throw at it, and then goes back for more. The biggest issue I've had with it is the heat, which is goes to 74F on max load, which isn't even bad. I would personally blame the AMD Stock Cooler.


Motherboard works amazing, although to control the RGB you have to download Gigabyte's AWFUL RGBFusion 2.0 software, it's so bad. Also the BIOS is very clunky until you get it upgraded.


Beautiful and way overkill for my need, but these sticks are here to last!


Very cheap and powerful SSD, get what ya' pay for!


This monster has super SUPER fast read and write data, although it can get a little hot! Recommend a motherboard with a heatsink.

Video Card

Favorite part about me ol' build. It eats 1080p games for breakfast. Fallout 4 runs on Ultra Settings 120FPS+ with little problem. Fans are idle at 50C and below which is AWESOME.

To control the RGB you have to download EVGA's software, which is very fluent and easy to use.

I plan to run Cyberpunk 2077 with this card, I have no doubt in my mind this card can do it.


Lights up my entire room with LED's (which I love).

Very easily customizable with Corsair's iCUE software.

Comes pre-installed two fans.

One problem is the cable management, I had to re-wire this beast 4 times for me to be comfortable with it. I also find the air flow in this case a bit lacking, but that's okay.

Power Supply

Absolutely silent PSU! Way overkill for what I need, but I love it. Will have perfect upgrade space with this. This PSU has no problem keeping my PC on under full load.

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Very nice build and components. Congratulations!

It should be fine for 1080p and some 2K games today.

I would have skimped a little on the more $ components and/or upgraded to a RTX 2070 Super for about $80 more to future proof it.

Thumbs up from me. Enjoy!