The build that I did on a whim. I had sold build 3 and used a laptop while I was at university and living in a different city away from home. I eventually wanted to build a new PC that was cheap and in my student budget and small enough to be portable (was still heavy).

This build was sold to a friend who bought build 3 off me, I received build 3 back and have fixed it to work till build 5 is complete. This build is now running an Asus 1060 Strix edition.

This build was a decent step up from build 3, this is also the time I was getting into Rainbow Six 6 and DCS.

All in all this PC was super heavy but small enough to transport and fit my needs for the 4 months I had it. I have since sold it to build 3 buyer and now use build 3 to do work while I get build 5 and build 6 purchased.

Part Reviews


This chip surprised me. I had debated going with a 8600k for the better performance and the ability to overclock, however I decided to stick with my budget and got the 8400 and it impressed me. I was now running Rainbow 6 Siege at a stable 90+ fps on high graphics which was a big improvement from my 6600K which struggled to stay below a throttled 100% (it was old so I expected it).I also streamed on this build pretty smoothly, Apex Legends and Rust were my two streaming games. The 8400 is a solid Intel budget chip and I loved using it.

CPU Cooler

This extremely cheap cpu cooler was actually pretty impressive for the $30 AUD I payed for it. It kept my cpu cool and wasn't loud when I used my Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headset. I'd buy it if you're looking into super cheap builds or budget builds yet was a decent cpu cooler.


Decent and cheap. Came in a bundle with the memory and cpu. This mainboard did allow for 4 sticks of ram which is impressive for how small it was. It also held my 980ti up without much drooping. It has suffered a burn mark when my 980ti caught fire, however it is still working fine and there are apparently no issues with it.


Memory came in a bundle with cpu and mainboard. The ram is only 2400 which is slow ram but it still allowed me to stream without much issue. The ram suffered a small scorch mark during the 980ti fire but is still working fine thanks to it's cover that shielded it.


Small storage capacity but fast and reliable.

Video Card

EVGA 980ti - I loved my 980ti and decided to use it in this build. It was powerful even in 2019 when I mostly used this build. It rain Rainbow Six Siege and War Thunder well without any issue on my new 144hz monitor at 1080p.


Oh man, my first microATX case. It's a small yet well designed case with plenty of cable management and plenty of airflow. I love this case and it kept my parts cool. It also looks great.

Power Supply

This PSU handled everything well and could even push juice to overclock if I wished. It was also more efficient then my previous build 3 PSU. A well liked semi modular PSU.

Operating System

It's Windows.


I love this monitor, it's 1080p, has a slight curve and runs 144hz with minimal issue. I will continue to use this beautiful monitor and will possibly purchase a second one. It is highly recommend for anyone who likes a 27" screen that's curved and has high refresh rates. It's also fairly cheap at $300 AUD (what I paid in early 2019).


I hate Logitech. They do not make items that last. This keyboard is already having issues 6 months in. LEDs are starting to not work, it has issues with USB connection that causes it to disconnect and begin pressing random keys. It's saving grace are the beautiful blue switches and the vibrant LED colours (when they work).


I always buy Roccat mice since they fit my hand and are just better build quality to me. However My Roccat Kone PURE was dying and I needed another mouse. I found this Rival310 and it perfectly fit my hand and was extremely accurate. I will eventually go back to Roccat, but for now this mouse is perfect for the $80 I paid for it.


Impressive sound quality, great noise cancelling. Squeaky when moving though, still worth the purchase.

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Looks great!!!

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Looks awesome!!

Looking at getting this case and was wondering if an intake fan is needed for it to have good air flow.

I’m gonna use a R3 2200g (stock cooler) with Rx 570 btw

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

I did add an extra two fans on the front. Just some stock fans I got from an old build I ended up parting.

In all honesty it ran fine even without the front fans, but it's normally recommended to have at least one fan on the front.

Currently my friend is using this build with an Asus Strix 1060 6GB instead of the 980Ti, he's not using any intake fans and his temperatures are in the normal 60-70c range (we're in Australia too, it's hot atm).