Overview This build was designed to be a hybrid of a gaming machine, a workstation and a web machine. The build is replacing and old i5 750 build whose motherboard died. The total cost was about ~ $990AU.(i only paid ~$240 for the 1050 Ti). The part were all ordered from mwave and the only issue i had was a faulty ram kit which was replaced. Next time i should check cable lengths on the power supply better as i had to use 2 sata cables (1 for the back mounted ssd and the second for the hdd rack meaning i had to use a molex to sata adapter for the DVD drive. N.B 1.) I already had the 2 hard drives and the DVD drive left over from the previous system. 2.) And there are 2 of the MF-120 Lite Red (I wanted white but there was over a 1mth back order so i settled with the red). 3.) Also I would have liked to to set up an ssd accelerated raid but on AMD you have to pay for aftermarket software (which I'm not doing on a budget system).

Building Building in the Focus G was easy the cable management while OK would have been better with a few more tie down points and if you were installing a radiator in the top it would probably be a tight squeeze if you occupied the top 5.25 bay. My only regrets are not getting a modular power supply and that for 4 fans i could use at least one extra fan header but whatever i ended up using splitter cables so meh.

Overclocking RAM The Team Vulcan RAM easily overclocks to either 2933 or 3033 just using XMP and was a great buy on the cheap for ddr4 3000 considering the current pricing. I haven't tried for anything higher yet but i probably will soon.

Ryzen 3 1200 All testing done on the stock cooler The Ryzen 3 1200 is currently overclocked to 3.8Ghz @ 1.29375V. After 20min of Aida64. Stock thermals were: TDie Max: 77.0C Avg: 69.2C CPU Max: 54.5C Avg: 52.5C With the NT-H1 thermals were: TDie Max: 72.1C Avg: 69.6C CPU Max: 55.0C Avg: 52.7C Note the ambient was about 25.5C for the stock test and 26-27C for the NT-H1.

Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Windforce OC Overclocking I was easily able to add +175 core and + 500 memory to achieve 1939Mhz boost, 8008Mhz memory at 62C. considering on the day that i did this test it was 30C ambient i am very impressed with Gigabytes cooling solution and i think i can get a bit more out of the card yet (aiming for around +200 core)

Final Thoughts Overall i am very impressed with Ryzen and i would for the first time in years recommend AMD to someone looking to build a solid system with decent overclocking headroom. I like the Focus G it's airflow is wonderful but cable management requires some thought.

Biggest things i took away for this were that: A.) the wraith stealth is a great little cooler, and it's certainly much better than the Intel equivalent. B.) the Gigabyte Windforce 1050Ti runs cool and is at least a passable overclocker. C.) the pricing for DDR4 and GPU's is ridiculous.

Part Reviews


Brilliant budget quad core, is quicker than my i5-750 ever was and it overclocks like a gem. The only thing that is holding me back from 4Ghz is the stock cooler which is good enough to 3.7-3.8Ghz but not quite enough for 3.9-4Ghz in a non air conditioned environment.

Thermal Compound

Miles better than the default amd paste. It wiped about 5~7C off my tdie temps which brought the max down to 70-72C from 77-79C. If you can get it for around $10 its a pretty good buy. Anything much over $10 and you should look at thermal grizzly instead.


This is a great budget atx board with the only real complaints being i could use 1 more fan header and that this board really needs llc (the vdroop is real).

Else-wise worked perfect out of the box and overclocks my ryzen 3 1200 to 3.8Ghz @ 1.2925V.


Great budget ddr4-3000 ram. The first kit i got had a defective stick, but mwave replaced it in 4 days and the second kit was fine. It boot using xmp straight to either 2933 or 3033 and is perfectly stable and is noticeably better than the generic ddr3 stuff i was using before.


A really cheap ssd, is significantly faster than a hdd but you do pay more for that speed and you do get a lot less storage. Still with an accelerated raid setup in my laptop i knew i needed an ssd for my desktop.


A bog standard archive drive. slow, sluggish but with great Gb/$ rating. It store my photos and rarely used documents.


Was actually my boot drive for a while is a good enough performer for day to day work but you really notice the difference when you use ssd for OS and some Games.

Video Card

Let me start with this i really wanted a gtx1060/RX570/RX580 but given the current pricing the were well out of budget. So...

I got this on sale for $245 in feb because i wanted a 6pin model for better overclocking. I can get Core + 200, Memory + 700 with power limit at 150% and +25mv on the core. The extra core voltage is required to get it 100% stable. All at around 65-75% fan profile which is really good. No coil whine or anything however at above 70% speed the fans do become noticeable.


Good case with plenty of airflow room for a radiator if it's needed in the future and a nice side window to admire your build. The complaints : The cable management could be better, it's not bad but a few more tie-down places would be appreciated but its definitely very workable. Rubber grommets for the cable pass through would have been nice A psu shroud would really make this case shine and clean up the inside.

Note apparently the side window scratches easily.

Power Supply

Great psu. My only niggle is that i could use a few more inches in length on the sata cables and i could really do with the connectors being space out a bit. But still been really reliable for 2.5mths now.

Operating System

Eh its windows 10. I'm now using Win10 Pro and still don't see how it's an upgrade over win7. Hiding control over automatic update so that you need regedit to stop them is really annoying. (i only want to update once per month not every damn day). BTW setting connection to metered prevents auto updating but it still looks for updates at startup with clogs bandwidth for the first few minutes after a boot.

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Great PC build! Looks pretty flashy for a $650~ build! Great job :D

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Lol pic 7 = face reveal!

+1 love it. What do you think of the RAM?

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