My friend is amazing at gaming. He could very likely go pro one day and for a few years even made a living wage playing some first person shooters.

He is hell-bent on streaming and going pro in the new game coming out from Riot soon (Project A)

He approached me and said with $5000 what is the best PC you can possibly build for gaming.

That is where this list began haha.

When we started we were looking at using NVLink with dual 2080-TI but the more we researched the more we found those were often just a hindrance in games and he didn't want to have to go through the hassle of disabling one depending on game he was playing. So instead we used the extra ~1300 saved from dropping second card to pimp out the build with just the most absurd amount of RGB ever.

The end machine is absurdly colorful and absurdly epic. He got great overclock from the CPU and GPU is as awesome as expected.

The 3 "180 Comb" things on list never showed up. Apparently that site/store has a ton of negative reviews and issues. Luckily they sell some pretty common ones on Amazon where they are in-stock and therefore delivered by Amazon within a few days. Ordered two of the 24pin and one 16 pin and then used a Dremel to cut one 24 pin into a 22 pin for the GPU cables and to cut the 16 pin into a 12 pin for the CPU. The self-cut 12 pin comb worked great since the original was for 2x 8pin so there was a solid gap between the first 8 pins and the set of 4 pins left after cutting. Unfortunately since the 24 pin was meant for mobo power it didn't have any such gap so I ended up not being able to use it as the GPU is powered by 3 separate cables and the comb wouldn't allow for enough space between the 3. The original creator does make the 22 pin we needed but never sent them so we ended up just not using it after over a month of waiting.

Part Reviews


Had to pay way too much since everyone raised the aftermarket price on this. Extra $150 over what it was meant to be sold at...

As for the actual CPU we chose it because it is amazing for gaming and that is the ONLY thing my friend is doing with it but in reality it isn't a great price for the value given the 3900x from Ryzen exists.

CPU Cooler

Overall this worked great just kinda hated that the "Correct" orientation would have caused the aio tubes to cover the fancy Royal RAM so ended up accepting the sideways NZXT logo for more prominent RAM viewage.

Thermal Compound

Kept Stuff Cool. Got extra in case needed to redo the AIO a few times since we weren't sure where we wanted to place it to begin with.


Held all the parts. Handled overclocking well.


Super expensive of course but wow they are beautiful.

They even come with film on both sides so you can insert them and then remove film for maximum shine. Each set of 2 sticks even came with a cloth to clean them.

Ran at advertised speeds as expected.

Video Card

What a behemoth.

This card even came with a GPU brace though we ended up going aftermarket for brace because my friend is obsessed with RGB


Single best case I've ever seen or used.

Amazing fan configuration options.

Great Space.

Separate compartment for cables/PSU.

Everything about the PC-O11 is fantastic and the ROG (While stupid that it is branded ROG don't really care about that) takes it all to the next level with just a bit more space and options.

Power Supply

Supplies consistent power.


Simple. Easy.

Wish the splitter was a LITTLE bit longer as it ended up being slightly visible in front of case due to how far away the 12v pin was.


Great colors super bright!

Only down side is they are a tiny bit short for the case and don't seem to have quite the range of RGB colors as the other lights in case.


Simple. Easy.

Wish the splitter was a LITTLE bit longer as it ended up being slightly visible in front of case due to how far away the 5v pin was.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

The pan flag cables are adorable!! I don't know why I never thought of doing custom cables like that before!

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

What a unique build! Dare I say the cable in this build might very well be the highlight of this build!

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Wow! This is just beautiful and that case is too sexy. Why didn’t you go for the Corsair or thermaltake rgb fans? Those two are the best rgb fans in the market?

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

that is one sexy beast! those cables are very wild and vibrant, but i still love them! they really work well with the raw, untamed rgb.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Actually I think that is the Lian Li WGX mid tower case not the XL full tower. I love the design on the front of the WGX!