In December 2018, after 5 years with my main computer, I upgraded my main workstation rig to this, coming from my previously reliable i7-4770k build. I was starting to get a bit frustrated with the slow rendering times on my video editing, which I frequently did. I also wanted to be able to dip my feet into gaming - mostly golfclub 2, WarThunder, world of warships, and perhaps Doom. I also have several terabytes of photo due to my photography hobby.

I loved the quiet, conservative external look of this case as well as it's all metal exterior and fantastic ventilation options. I have it tucked in between my desk and hutches and I definitely don't need internal RGB (see pics). I needed lots of rapid storage, so I was tempted to stripe my 2 He10 Ultrastar drives, but ultimately opted for security by using one as full backup for the other. I enjoy AT&T GigaFiber internet, so the ASUS ac88 wireless pce card was essential. It often allows me to connect at 850-920mbps speeds on WiFi through my ASUS ac5300 router which sits upstairs, while my computer is receiving from downstairs. Highly recommended Wifi setup.

Luxury Overkills on this computer includes the Seasonic Prime Titanium PSU, which is more power than I need by possibly 2x, but I wanted quiet, reliable, and efficient PSU that'll last me through my next couple of re-builds. My blue-LED Corsair ML120/140 fans were also a luxury that I did not need but wanted. I wished Noctua made LED fans - LED light-ups is truly useful at times - they allow me to see that my computer is running when I need to know. With the supremely competent Noctua NH-D15s onboard, this computer is so quiet that I often don't know when it's running.

I am an oldtimer, so have yet to abandon the blu-ray optical drives. I like to install one whenever the case allows it. I have a large collection of DVDs and blu-ray discs, though I am using these very rarely nowadays. Maybe I'm almost ready to abandon optical drives along with the rest of you whippersnappers.

One of the frustrations of this mobo (ROG Strix z390-e) was that it had such limited sata connectors. I had to mount a PCI-e card for additional sata ports to attach the additional HDDs I wanted in this build. I probably would have gone with a better/more expensive mobo if I had to do this build again, but it's good enough as it is. I also do have the front port card reader - this is extremely convenient for all the SD cards, USB front ports I like to use during photo and video editing from my cams. I also enjoy very much the Avantree USB blue-tooth dongle because it connects so rapidly/reliably with my assortment of blue-tooth earphones/headphones like my bose QC35, and my Aftershokz Aeropex.

My ideal case would be something like this one, but with slightly smaller footprint and dimensions - a more space optimized case that allows full ATX mobo, optical drive, full-size PSU, and good ventilation. If only there were something like the Cerberus X but with perhaps a slot blu-ray drive. What the Phanteks Enthoo Pro and the like could do is slightly shrink the size to eliminate the gaping empty spaces that are unnecessary.

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Nice beefy build, might want to move the PC to a different place because I am concerned that the airflow might be ruined by where it is now

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