After a number of months (9, to be exact), I've finally finished my first ever PC build since my conversion from Console/laptop gaming to a dedicated desktop build :)

Nerds & Nerdettes, I give you my first ever PC build, Vengeance. Originally my target aim price was £500-600, but somehow managed to go a little over the top in all my excitement. This was built on a full week's worth of self-indulged research into each component and the necessities to what will suit each other and compatibilities. Best week ever.

Built toward the end of 2016, this build has the gamer in mind without necessarily breaking the bank at ridiculous full price purchases (bar the exception of the THEN newly release rx480) and eases the transition from being a console gamer to full-on steamwhore.

Unfortunately, I had a slight miscalculation in terms of design, twice. I originally wanted to go for a black/red design due to the RX480 and the later inclusion of the black/red S340 case, but then decided to add my LED lights and have the inclusion of a purple accent due to my recent Synthwave obsession. The cheap red RGB fan from my previous CiT neptune case at the time (now given to my friend) actually didn't work whatsoever, so had to make do with an Arctic F5 fan, and have kept the original front fans in my S340 case.

Parts wise, I'm happy with what i've chosen. The i5 6500 has yet to stipple in price and has since increased since my purchase, but with the release of Ryzen and the i9 lineup, I may very well soon need an upgrade towards 2018. The motherboard was a bog-standard choice, as it was fairly cheap, but I personally feel I went too overboard in concerns to the PSU, as Gold ratings aren't that important (to my current knowledge) but shelled out that extra bit more for the sake of gaining a learning experience.

I have 4 favourite stories for this build;

My first favourite part about this build is the RAM, which in itself has a happy-go-lucky story. In short, bidded on 2 8GB sticks of DDR4 2133 RAM. Final seconds clocked in, and I just missed out on the purchase; but then it told me I won. If you know your parts, you know that this type of RAM isn't exactly cheap, especially when 2 sticks round up to nearly £100. I won mine at £36.

My second favourite, and most self-abhorrent story; The RX480. again, an ebay story, but I had to choose to pick between spending exactly £200 on either the reference-cooled 8GB RX480, or purchase the Sapphire Nitro 4gb variant. Evidently went with the 4gb version because it was better cooled and held a slightly higher clock speed, but this was BEFORE i found out that I could replace the reference shroud for a aftermarket fan setup.

Third Story; Picked up a 42 inch LCD HD TV capable of running 4K.....for free.

Fourth & Final; Needed a new headset recently, and settled on purchasing the Arctis 3 headset by Steelseries. Monday rolls around, I set it up, and to my believe, it's actually the Arctis 5's, which come with RGB lighting and 7.1 surround that doesn't require activation, like the 3's. I purchased them for £40, just over half price.

Other than that, from this experience, I will close with a quote;

"I visualised the thing I wanted, in my case, it was a helicopter. I drew a picture of a helicopter, stood with my back to space, threw the picture over my back and wished REALLY hard. couple of days later, bought myself a helicopter".

Part Reviews


A good starting processor for the price, the i5 6500 delivers a well-rounded performance between the quad-cores and core speed. It handles most CPU intensive games fairly well, such as Cities Skylines. Witcher 3, Battlefield 1, The Division and Arma 3 on High, if not ultra settings. Being my first processor into the foray of custom PC building, the i5 6500 has confirmed in my mind that Intel are a sound bunch.


Does what it says on the tin, for a Micro ATX board. Nothing too fancy and comes with the bare essentials, including USB 3.1 ports, as well as a nice and neat and simple BIOS interface.


For this build, it was considered as "Overkill" to implement 16gb of RAM, but given the buying price, I am not complaining, given how I won't need to upgrade my RAM for a long while. Cheap and cheerful, I wasn't too bothered on the aesthetic look of my RAM sticks, even with all the RGB ones floating around, but with these, they do the job just fine

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  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

IT crowd. Your last win. :)

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

I found it relevant, considering my constant wishing for components worked so well!

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Don't you think 16gb ram is overkill for this?

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Not at all. I know i'll barely use it in current gen, but it saves me a fair amount of money for future upgrades.