My first self built PC. Had some BSOD problems at first but those are fixed now. I'll mainly use this PC for gaming and some text editing.

Part Reviews


Almost seems like the most recommended motherboard ever. Its not bad at all. I see why people recommend this mobo alot. No m.2 heat spreader though.


Had no issues at all. Great ram for the price.


Amazing performance for the price. Nvme for almost the same cost as a M.2 sata drive. Definitely recomend!


Does what it should. Bit loud sometimes.

Video Card

Had quite a lot of problems with this GPU (Mainly drivers) but performance is great for the price.


Great case with great airflow. Does come with a molex powered fan hub, so your fans will run at 100% if you use this. Had no real problems building in this case, certain cable management was a bit awkward but this is also because of my Mobo. Great price to performance for a case with 4 pre-installed fans.

Power Supply

Its a SeaSonic. Its good. Cables are a bit stiff but nothing terrible.


Feels and sounds pretty good. It being my first mechanical keyboard I cant really compare it to anything similar. RGB is nice aswell. Build quality is just great. Its definitely on the expensive side though.


Quite comfy, great sound, great mic. Good headset for the price. Surround sound sounds good!

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Nice PC buddy. What are your temps on idle and full load?