Yeah, so this is my first build. I enjoyed building this a ton.


I eventually scrounged $1200 and starting ordering parts I had carefully researched and read reviews of. I decided to hold off on the dedicated GPU until more research had been done. I ordered the parts when the GTX 10 series had just been launched, so I decided to wait until the $200 upcharges on amazon had gone down and some more reviews by more credible parts of the community had been made. But eventually I decided to go with what I have.



I ordered 2 packs of 3 Corsair sp120 rgbs. I decided to go with these because I knew I needed more fans, and I knew I needed some RGBs. It kinda combines the two, and LTT's video of them made them look really good. I had to tear apart most of the system to install them, but I kept the motherboard and CPU heatsink connected. I had to take off the radiator, so I switched its orientation. I am really pleased with the new look. I'm now officially as much Corsair and Asus I can be in the Phanteks case, but it isn't going anywhere. I added the pictures. My build has some stray wires because I'm too lazy to do cable management rn, but I'll fix them later and post some new pictures of my setup when I get a less empty desk.

Part Reviews


Damn. Just damn. It's probably the best part of my build. The past restrictions on what I could and couldn't play was always the processor. This thing is amazing, and it's overclockable. What more could you ask for? What more? I was debating between the extra $100 for the hyper-threading and extra .5 GHz base clock with the i7-6700k, but I have no complaints.

CPU Cooler

Since this is my first build, I have no reference to any other cooler. I can say that it gets the job done and it gets it done well. I hit 40 degrees Celsius under load with Rainbow Six Siege, Discord, Spotify, and YouTube, and maybe some Homework open. I am on Skylake so this is normal to be that low. HOWEVER, I do hear the occasionally coil whine from my system. It's not that bad and can be fixed by manually raising the fan RPM.


No complaints. None. This motherboard looks badass, is badass, and ties the black, red, and grey together well. If I did it again, I would choose this again. I love it. Well worth the price, and Asus' packaging made the experience very easy, carefree, and they included come cool stuff with it. I read a large amount of negative reviews about the audio being faulty with the mobo, but I haven't had anything but positive experiences.


I have no complaints. It looks badass and gets the job done. What more could you ask. Very high clearance but not an issue for my build


Cheap. Fast. Gets the job done. The price to performance is pretty high and it's a lot faster than what I had. It doesn't match my color scheme so I hid it in the back mountings. >:) I use this as my boot drive and put a few games on it works great


It's cheap. It's big. It gets the job done. I put most of my stuff on it. Nuff' said.

Video Card

If I were to have one thing buried with me. It would be this. I love it. I used to have a Laptop Dedicated GPU and it was AWFUL. This was worth every penny. It looks great, the RGB's look sexy. I have amazing benchmarks. The packaging was very high quality; it probably could've been run over by a semitruck and been okay. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR JUST BUY IT ALREADY.


<3 THE BEST CASE EVER. IT MAKES ANY OTHER CASE LOOK LIKE A TOASTER. IT IS SEXY AND VERSATILE <3 My only complaints are that the exhaust fan and front two fans have white fins. Ewww. Additionally, screwing the GPU bracket in while the exhaust fan was in was extremely difficult. I had to get a second pair of hands. I love that the radiator top bracket slides out and makes the whole process that much easier. The zip straps in the back were very great. The included three front lights were easy to install, and the installation process was a breeze.It's the hardware canucks case of the year just buy it.

Power Supply

It has a lot of wattage for me. It gets the job done. It has very nice braided cables included. The cables make me wish I hadn't bought custom cable extensions because they are so high quality. Is k. ):


Great quality. I should be using the RGBs more for the premium paid but is k. I don't mind paying a premium to Corsair. It's quality. One thing I don't appreciate is that it has 2 USBs. One for additional power and one to connect to the computer. That's how much of a power hog it is. It doesn't sound that bad but when you have limited USBs on a computer, things get tight.


I love it. Much better than the crappy Razer one I had before. It feels more like a mouse for man, and less like a mouse for a boy. I don't used the "sniper" utility switch very much but the accessible dpi change on top is nice for when I switch games and join in and think "Oh **** my sensitivity is way too low/high" which unfortunately happens way too often to me. The RGBs are very nice, and the included weights make it very versatile. :)

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  • 41 months ago
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Great build man. After the election, its nice to see some good in this world.


  • 41 months ago
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Nice build man i have the same cpu but i am still deciding on the graphics card i might get the gtx 1060 6gb

  • 41 months ago
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yeah man the 1060s a beast. Good choice.

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