This is maybe my 4th-5th full build, but my second personal build.( i3 8100 w/ rx 570). My first build worked just fine for me, although with Cyberpunk 2077 and RDR2 coming out soon I needed that extra juice. Officially started the build about 10/1/19 But my PSU was DOA :( , so after the long return process I was able to get it to boot without any problems. No real issues with clearance other than the GPU is a little on the bigger side and scrapes the MOBO when installing. Built mostly for gaming although I might start streaming later down the line. (also no SSD in the list as I re-used the drives from my old system.) Went with a white and RGB aesthetic because it just looks so clean.

Part Reviews


Nice CPU. Good price after Ryzen 3000's release. Its 8 cores and 16 threads makes this a no brainer for gaming and streaming.

CPU Cooler

Nice AIO. Maybe a little on the pricier side but keeps my 2700x nice and chilly


Good MOBO for the price, there are definitely better B450 boards out there but I won't be doing any crazy OC's so this board will work for me just fine.


Solid kit. With XMP off it only runs at 2133Mhz, when I try to turn XMP on it gets up to 3200Mhz my games keep crashing and eventually I get a BSOD :( Doesn't really matter though my games run just fine with XMP off.


An HDD is an HDD. Seagate is always a good choice.

Video Card

Great GPU. Allows me to max out all my games 144fps 1920x1080 at all ultra settings. Very beefy so doesn't get too hot and is mostly silent.


HUGE fan of this cases aesthetic. Has solid airflow as well. Only downside is the back of the case where the PSU goes is kind of cramped and small, cables just get crammed in and not really organized.

Power Supply

First one was DOA so I had to return it to Amazon. The new one works great. Comes with white cables too which is nice.

Case Fan

Got two of these to complete that white aesthetic I was going for. They are mostly silent and keep the rig nice and cool.


Bright vibrant RGB. Cherry MX Speed switches feels very good and aren't too loud.


Great mouse. Gets up to 18,000 DPI in corsairs iCue software.


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good reasons to upgrade

  • 1 month ago
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should've got a 3600 even tho it has less cores, the new architecture deliverrs mroe power for less wattage, just saying, but nice build!

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Thermals aren’t really an issue with the AIO and the cost of electricity is trivial in NA and EU Mets, IMO.

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The cpu and mobo were the first parts I ordered so I kinda locked myself on b450, do wish I had waited a bit for x570 though

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This I bit like the one I’m planning to build!

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Nice build, but maybe considering upping your psu rating by a star. DOA's can be annoying but come on, thats a great psu, and just a week of waiting for a working one shouldnt bring thr rating down 2 whole stars

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