I built this for university, civil engineering program to run graphics heavy programs like CIVIL3D and AutoDesk programs. I also enjoy AAA gaming (witcher, COD, etc.) in my spare time, so it obviously had to do that fun stuff too. So far, this thing runs light years better than my i7-700HQ laptop with a 1050ti, and i love how it looks on my desk.

All of the parts worked amazing, and im thinking of adding a little more RGB in the form of strips to compliment the MSI MOBO (cuz who doesn't like a little colour in their case?

Part Reviews


Does everything my I7-7700 did, but 2x faster and its cheap too, would 100% recommend. Although it does get hot, so you'll probably need to get a cooler other than the stock one if you intend to overclock it at all.


works perfect, RGB is nice, and i have no complaints at all. Got it 3000 capable so didn't even need a flashback which made things really easy.


Cheap, and it does its job, especially with a ram hungry AMD processor.


Only intel part of my build; cheap, functional and fast. Perfect for the M2 NVME on the MSI B450 board.


Cheap storage (cannibalized my old laptop for it) so it was free, and its great for storing online games that don't have a lot of save screens (War Thunder, etc.) but not so great for heavier games with saves like Witcher 3, etc.

Video Card

Runs quiet in the case (can't even hear it) and it works well enough to run most of my games on ultra/movie settings at 100+ FPS reliably. For the price, nothing comes close (especially with G-SYNC monitor, so 5700xt was a no-go). I just needed to upgrade from my 1050ti laptop for Metro: Exodus and the new call of duty coming out so i could play at more than 5 FPS.


Looks clean & modern, and has surprisingly decent cooling. Pleasure to work in, even for a first time builder like me.

Power Supply

Got it for 105$ at my local Canada Comp. Runs cool, and was easy to work with. Awesome, especially for 750W, so I had to get it.

Operating System

I actually got Windows 10 education free from the school, but my experience with W10 home is good. Does what you need it to, but no extras.


300$ on amazon for G-SYNC capable monitor? You know i had to pick it up, especially where i wanted the 2060 super.


I like the clicky keys, if you don't like the sound, don't get this. Works amazing, USB and Audio port on the side make cable management a breeze cuz that's 2 cords that dont have to come from PC to our front of the keyboard.


Amazing! Feels great in the hand, optional weights are great, and has awesome tracking.

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  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

Where did you bought the mobo?

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

You said the cpu runs hot under load and to use a 3rd party cooler. I recommend that you should invest in a modest budget cooler such as the hyper 212. I bought the black edition and my 2600 runs at 50° after csgo, a pretty cpu intensive game.

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

I have a question. How did you know that your Motherboard BIOS was already 5 3600 CPU capable? Did you check the BIOS version number and then checked it up from MSI webstie?

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Were you able to OC the ram to 3200mhz