UPDATE 2 8/27/19 Thought it'd be cool to do an update one year later. Not much to say, other than that she runs great and haven't had any serious issues with her. One thing I will say about the case is the front fan collects dust bunnies really badly, and it's kind of a pain in the but to disassemble the front, so it's something to keep in mind if you personally want this case. But for the price it's a pretty okay case and is, for the most part, really easy to use.

Next time I do a cleaning (which happens a lot because unfortunately I have to keep her on the floor) I'll be sure to take some pix. I've added some new stickers and a new Barbie decal on the side. The components are still all the same, so all the updates are aesthetic.

The most important thing though is that she plays nearly every game I throw at her! The only one I can't get to work is Deadly Premonition, but I don't think that's a hardware issue. In the Heaven benchmarker the average FPS is around 73, so I'm pretty happy with that!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by! Have a wonderful day!

UPDATE 1 8/27/18 Thank you for all the nice comments so far! I really didn't expect anyone to actually see it. And just to address it up front, no I really don't have a lot of Barbie stickers, they're actually really tricky to find as just a pack of stickers, like they seem to only come with dolls and story books. (The Barbie stickers I do have came with a really bad story book about a princess who wishes she were confident and magical, and her dream came true through friendship, or something.) So I'm just using whatever fun/girly stickers I can find, most of which are Lisa Frank. Should rename it something like Mario/Zelda/Lisa Frank something-something-something. XD

Also on the top there's some stickers that spell out EWOO. I had a quaker parrot named Jade who couldn't pronounce my name right and nicknamed me E'Woo as it's close to my name, and she probably thought it was a funny thing to say. She passed away earlier this month from unknown complications of old age, and I wanted to commemorate Jade, and her personality and creativity. RIP Jade, you were my best friend. (c. 1993-2018)

Installed two more fans. So now there's two 120mm fans in front and one as the exhaust, and a big fan I got by accident from Amazon Warehouse Deals which was supposed to also be 120. Been using her for a week now, and no issues yet, other than what's caused by running Windows 7 on newer hardware (I just really like 7, can't seem to get a feel for 10).

Got a monitor and an actual Barbie decal on order, and when I get it I'm gonna rework a lot of the stickers. Also intend on ordering a capture card for streaming.

Will update when it's prettier and have more stuff to share! Thanks for stopping by!

(Original post) 8/23/18 Finally built my gaming PC! Spent several months picking up parts as I could afford them, and just got her built. It definitely needs more fans, and I intend on installing an optical drive because I still use discs for a lot of things. Currently have it hooked up to the TV as I only just ordered a monitor, but the 1050 ti makes things look real pretty on a big flat screen TV.

When these photos were taken I hadn't finished managing the cables yet, and I've since covered it in Lisa Frank stickers. XD Also I got the Mattel decal from samtronson on EBay (, and recommend checking out his other custom decals.

Part Reviews


So glad I picked the 1600 over the 1500x. I haven't necessarily found the need for 6 cores yet, but I got it for the same price as a 1500x at the time and I figure it would be better to get the better one now as opposed to upgrading sooner.


Overall great, but would be a lot better if it could handle more fans. Am waiting on a four-pin splitter to complete the fan setup.


My only complaint is that 128gb is smaller than I anticipated. As to say it works just fine for what it is. And can't complain about the price point!


Using it as an internal storage drive, with an ADATA M.2 as the boot. Works perfect for storing my games!

Video Card

It good.

Runs MGSV WAY better than my PS4. ^


Great inexpensive case! The instructions are painfully vague though and had to figure out what everything is myself. And would have to criticize it's lack of cable management options. But dang if she ain't perty!

Power Supply

Over all pretty good, my only complaint is that the cord in the back doesn't like to stay secure, unless I am just that stupid I can't keep a computer plugged in. >.<

Case Fan

Very quiet yet powerful


Holy cow, this is the best monitor for ~$100! It's gorgeous on its own, with the super thin display, and the display itself is so crisp and vibrant. There are some reviews complaining about bleeding, but mine doesn't have it and I think it's just a hazard of IPS that sometimes you get a bad one. I also really like the blue light filter! I have mine on HDMI at the moment, but first chance I get I'm switching it to display port to see how much nicer I can get it!

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  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

excellent originality! only thing I cant jive with is the Barbie Mario mash up. seems that the themes clash with each other

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

I have to chime in and disagree about them clashing. The only Barbie game I played was for the NES and it was good times, and that's what this PC made me think of. I only remember one of the bosses being like, a sundae machine. I like this PC a lot, great job :D

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

Great part choices. I'm not sure what kind of cable management potential that case has, but I'd love to see updated pics with all the cable management done.

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

The case is great for your theme. I would suggest that you get some pink and white cables and some rgb to hide the non pink components.

  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

Just seeing the Ryzen sticker next to the Mattel one made me laugh. Still a pretty solid build with that 1050ti and 16 Gb of ram. +1 for original case design and Legend of Zelda stickers

  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

What a lovely PC! I'll definitely be using this build, or something like it, for my boyfriend's PC. She's functional AND gorgeous, which is really what life is all about.

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you all so much for the nice comments! Y'all made me blush. XD

[comment deleted]