This is a solid gaming PC. It started out with really basic parts and was upgraded over time. Without the extra crap that isn't PC parts (non internal workings), it is around $750. Very space conservative as I don't have a very big room.

NOTE: I use the free version of Windows 10, the date built is listed when I installed the most recent parts.

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Part Reviews


Solid, light years better than my Pentium.


This was god send as my computer load time was ridiculously slow and this helped exponentially. Went from a 3 minute boot up to a 1 minute boot up!


Good looking case, like the changeable colored edges. Though the cover for the ports on the back didn't fit with this case.


  • 14 months ago
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Can you send a picture on how the back cover didn't fit with the case?I will use it for my first build with a micro-atx motherboard too,was the cover too big or too small?

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