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Gaming PC build, first one since high school

by techbug



Date Published

Aug. 9, 2014

Date Built

July 7, 2014

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

57.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



I had been playing games on console for the most part of my undergrad, grad school and my work years as well. I never was into games like Diablo3, torchlight2, Path of exile. However, more and more I had been playing these, I wanted to build my own PC that I could use to play these and other games that I wouldn't on console.

So finally, I decided to build a PC with decent specifications. I decided to go with AMD FX processor due to their budget price as well as mostly good reviews and Benchmark results. I had initially thought of going with AMD APUs, however, later decided to go with the FX ones.

I generally do not play games like BF4 on PCs that require top of the line PC as well as excellent video card, neither do I care about overclocking at the moment.

So finally, I went with AMD FX 6300 6 core processor. My local microcenter store has good deals on CPU+Motherboard combo. With the combo my CPU came to $99.95 and MOBO to be at $44.95 with $10 MIR. This was a really good deal!

for other parts, I would have gone with local MC as well, however, I had a decent amount of gift card from Amazon that I used to buy most of the other parts except keyboard/mouse, TPlink adapter, PNY Optima 240 GB SSD all of which were from MC as well.

I had heard good reviews about Gigabyte and this one came with a USB3.0 header as well. My initial plan was to get Rosewill case with front USB 3.0 then later decided to get a separate card reader with USB3.0 from Rosewill as well.

PNY Optima was a good deal at MC too, came to about $89.99 after $20 MIR. I still have not plugged in my Seagate Barracuda yet, I may either expand current space on PC or buy a NAS and a 2nd HDD in RAID configuration (or use RAID from Gigabyte MOBO)

My recommendation on graphics card would be to go with GTX 750Ti if your budget allows it. There is about $40 difference between the two, but Ti's performance is much better. So far, my card does not have any issues and I have played: D3, PoE, Starcraft II, TombRaider, Transistor.

The best part about the build is the case as well. The case has three fans two 120mm fans in front and back and one 140mm on the top. I got the modular PSU that allowed me to carefully run cables and reduce the clutter. The biggest issue I had is to run the CPU power cable just below the top fan around the memory without having it interfere with the CPU fan or the top fan.

With this case, I have not run into any cooling issues, and have used stock heatsink + fan that came with the CPU.

I have also used handbrake to encode videos from one format to the other, this application uses all 6 cores at 99-100% utilization at which my max temperature recorded by open HW monitor program was about 57 C.

So far, I am really proud of what I have built and it was fun! I did have moments of sweaty palms since this has been first time in 12 years I have built a PC, but once you hear the sound of speaker beep during the first bootup, you feel amazed and relieved!


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