I have really been itching to build something lately so I made a NAS for the home network. This is my first time working with a mini-ITX and it was quite funny to see in person. Pretty straight forward build though. I am waiting to get all my Amazon points before I order more drives and set up FreeNAS. Till then here is what I got.

Part Reviews


Energy efficient and rated only 17% lower than my other i5-7600k. Intel really stepped up their i3 game on this one.


This little guy is was exactly what I was looking for in my NAS build. 6 SATA ports and the ability to run link aggregation if I had the budget to do so.


This case was built with NAS in mind. Space for 6 hard drives and a very easy layout to work with. I would definitely recommend using this case to anyone who wants to build a NAS.

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