More a product of convenience than a vision realized, this is a rather good gaming PC for its cost. From the start I'm doubtful about the CPU cooler, all style & no substance, literally lacking weight in the hand. I'm going to try it for now just because it matches the other RGB fans whose proprietary style connectors I will avoid in the future. Their "frameless" design looked different enough that I took a chance, but the reality is neither all that nor a bag of chips.

Watching temperatures to see if the 1600X needs a heavier set of pipes with denser fins (wouldn't be surprised) . . . Initial series of benchmarks shows CPU maximum under 60°C. I can live with that like so, but I would not advise any overclock without more serious cooling.

Aside from the paltry eye-candy CPU cooler, this build exceeds my expectations for such a laid-back process without any hard goals in mind. It really just fell together & didn't cost much. Feels like a lucky coincidence overall, so I'm going with it.

[One of the photos shows a 2.5" SSD that was later replaced with the NVMe. Also did a little "whynaught" cable management stunt with the skinny GPU power lines.]

Whynaught is evidently a real surname, not just some kind of whimsical sci-fi invention. Whoknew

191212 UPDATE: Sold via Facebook Marketplace, again to a guy coming from a few hours away. I don't live in the best town for doing this.

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One glaring complaint here instantly broke a star off the end of this rating. Deepcool, what are you doing with this front intake that almost fits two 120mm fans? I can't see why this is not just drilled a few millimeters higher to hold 2 fans. It's like you wanted to disappoint somebody. Well, zip-ties to the rescue.

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  • 1 month ago
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I used the same case, and I managed to fit 2 120mil at the front no problem whatsoever...

  • 1 month ago
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Did you also have an optical drive in there? I don't have this build anymore, or I'd take another look, but I'm 99% sure there was no solution for screwing both of these fans to the front panel. Since I found it so baffling, it's plausible that I picked up some kind of mis-drilled unit sold at a discount.

  • 1 month ago
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I didn't have an optical drive at the time, but mine did fit quite well.. I don't know...