Gaming eye candy. So much RGB it should be illegal. 2 evga 1070 ti ftw2's SLI handles anything I can throw at it. Its sad how little I use my xbox 1x now that I built this thing. The xbox sits in front of it like a glorified paperweight.

Part Reviews


Jumped from a 6700 so yeah wow.

CPU Cooler

Keeps temps low. works great when idle or under load. software could be better.


Its a sexy RGB master. oh and did I tell you about the RGB lol. 3 m.2 slots im Raiding on 2 with 970 evo 500g so yeah lightning fast. good manual for locating all headers ect... easy to setup.And as gigabyte promises 5GHZ EZAF.


Got these beasts in raid mode they are lightning solo but raided OMG. Boot time is lets say instant. I kinda wanna do a 3way raid with them lol.


Plenty of room decent airflow RGB shiny. I want the OMEGA or Obsidian 1000d next

Case Fan

Good RGB vortex airflow works well on back side of AIO for pulling air I have a push pull setup.


Good feel for me some peps like cherry reds or blues I like the browns.


Nice RGB mouse lots of settings for user to get it were they like it.

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  • 13 months ago
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How did you get the cougar rgb fan to match your color scheme?