I use it mostly for gaming.

I had several problems getting the Aura SW to work. To this date I cannot get Aura to detect the motherboard, only the RAM. However, if I switch to an older version of Aura I can detect the motherboard but then I cannot detect the RAM. So I decided to just turn the motherboard RGB off in the bios.

I made the mistake of buying RAM that is clocked higher than what the motherboard supports, even though 3600MHZ is an option in the bios. I settled for 3200MHZ. Eventually when I build my next computer when I decide on what I want I will use this RAM and replace the RAM in this PC with 3200MHZ Ram or lower.

PSU is leftover from a previous computer, I plan on dropping it down to 550-650W when something goes on sale.

Potential to add m.2 drives to replace SSDs.

Part Reviews


0 Issues during install. No BIOS issues on the X470 board using the new Ryzens. Solid CPU.

CPU Cooler

The temps are better than the standard stealth cooler. However, you are forced to use the Coolermaster SW to control the RGB unless you want the default colors. There were no instructions in the box mine came in so I was not sure which cables to use (There is an RGB header and a USB Header). I ended up using the USB header so I could control it with the Coolermaster SW.


I have no issues with the board. I do have issues with the Aura SW not being able to detect the board.


The RAM itself is nice. The RGB doesnt seem to look right for most of the effects. Some look better than others.

Video Card

Great card. Only complaint is that I cannot control the lighting on the card.


Excellent case. Airflow is very good. I removed the Fractal fans and installed Ek Vardars (Microcenter did not have anything but the ugly brown Noctuas so I picked the EK Vardars).

Case Fan

Good airflow and relatively low noise.


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Love the green.


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Well its green because I didn't want to mess with the GPU to change its color, so green it became. Thanks!

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You did a complete overkill on that PSU - 1000W for a mere 2600X and RTX 2060? Are you planning to upgrade it to a double RTX 2080 Ti with a 3950X later or what went through your mind there?^

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I had it laying around from an old build, I plan on dropping down to a 550-650W on CyberMonday or when I see a sale.

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I’m building my first pc and use the same processor. Anyone that can give me some tips it would be highly appreciated. 2600x, b450 tomahawk board, Patriot memory (2x8 3600) 550w psu, wraith cooler, 240gb ssd, 500gb 7400rpm 2.5, 1660 graphics