Needed to downsize from a Antec 900 and thought it was wise to do it properly as the 15 year old insides needed replacing in full! I found an ITX case for FREE! Found all parts second hand (prices include postage), including a DOA motherboard so I spent a little on Saturday delivery.

It went together easy and the cable management was too! Surprised i could get such a large gfx card inside. Had to update the BIOS to enable the full ram speed. Will consider overclocking a little to see what is possible but its a massive step up for both CPU, hard drive and graphics performance!

A quick Cinebench at 2737 and 476 is incredible - the old PC (overclocked q6700) managed about 500 on all 4 cores! Userbench said "This PC is likely operated by a technical master!" LMAO.

Overclocking a little....Userbench 3dMark Prime95 considers it stable and only P95 causes it to reach 90C. I have now set it so it idles at 800Mhz and it is so much quieter but when under load it pumps a lot of voltage into it which brings up up to 100C - will be adjusting the cooling configuration to keep it under control.

Really happy with this little machine and expect it to last as long as the old one did!

Part Reviews


Awesome stock single core!. Got it to 5GHz and it flies!

CPU Cooler

Very easy to put together and holds back the processor from its fake TDP....95W my *** - its over 180W! Adding a second fan does add noise but its very functional for its size


I have turned the RGB off but wifi is really good. Seems really solid so far after a BIOS update


I haven't waited for it to load anything yet


Very easy to cable manage and my motherboard only lets the 80mms spin when it is necessary. Not really that sexy to look at but will hide in within some IKEA furniture

Power Supply

Has been a solid beast in my old system - would buy again

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