Finally after months of hard work and saving, I upgraded to a fullly fledge PC after a couple months using an APU (Ryzen 5 2400G. Though it performed way better than expected!) Now that processor is going to my dad since his current PC is in need of a complete upgrade. Few words on the new components added:

CPU Ryzen 7 2700x I originally was going to upgrade to a Ryzen 5 2600, but just a few weeks ago, a local store had the Ryzen 7 2700x on sale brand new for just $136! I simply couldn't resist so I grabbed it and oh boy so freaking glad I did, this CPU is a monster of performance! The stock cooler is rad and performs very well, though it was a bit loud at first but I quickly solved that by changing the fan curve to silent mode and no more sudden jet engine sounds while still manages to stay nice and chill. I was planning to buy a proper CPU cooler but since I'm not planning on doing any kind of overclock, I would stay with the stock cooler. Plus, I gotta say the damn RGB on the fan has won me over, just when I used to be an anti-RGB person haha, looks really nice in person, photos never do justice.

GPU RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra from EVGA Been testing it for a few weeks with some games included and everything so far has been running flawlessly. The only downside is that the GPU has some gentle coil whine, but only when playing graphically intense games. I was a bit worried about the sound at first, but after reading from EVGA themselves that the sound is completely normal and harmless, I got relieved. Now I simply just let it be and pump up the volume of the game and it's all good. The card temperatures are great on this especific EVGA card, at first they were between 67 to 73 at load. Then I added a cheap exhaust fan at the top and the max temps at load dropped to 70. I might grab a noctua fan later on to replace the current cheap one and get even more chill temps! But for now, I'm done with upgrades. It's just nice to finally have a decent PC that can run everything I throw at it without hazzle.

I also got a free code of the game Deliver Us The Moon due to a promo EVGA has going right now with each GPU purchased from them or from an authorized retailer, in my case was with Amazon. It's an awesome and beautiful little game, perfect to showcase the Ray Tracing effects. I'm now a believer of that damn thing lol, it looks so damn good and I can't wait till more and more games use it. Anyways, I'm glad to finally have finished with this project which I started since september 2019. Time to put it into good use! Thank you for looking!

Part Reviews


Epic 8 core performance without breaking the bank! Zero complains with this processor, the performance is simply top notch and even the stock cooler works and looks excellent too. Been testing it with few 3D programs such as Maya and works great! No opinions with overclocking since the motherboard where I added this processor is an entry one (Asus B450M-A) and is not very good at handling overclocking, but at stock speeds, it performs great! Overall, very satisfied with this processor.


Excellent entry level motherboard with all the features you need and even more. It comes with 2 fan connectors and 1 cpu fan connector. I currently have it running with a Ryzen 7 2700x at stock speeds with no overclock and performs excellent! If you want to dip your toes on overclocking, then I recommend getting a more robust motherboard, but for people like us who are more than good with stock speeds, which are excellent already, this motherboard is the right choice, and you will save some money too cuz it is one of the most affordable B450 boards right now.

Video Card

Beast of a card. The whole installations process was pretty much plug and play. 10 minutes in and the drivers were already up and running. Been testing it for a few weeks and all it's been excellent with it. No glitches or black screens of any kind. You can run pretty much anything at ultra without sweating on losing too many FPS with this card. The only kind of downside is that it has some coil whine when running graphically intense games but it is harmless and doesn't cause any issues other than the slight buzzing sound which I simply ignore easily since it is a very gentle sound to begin with. I just pump up the volume while gaming and it's all good! Temperatures are excellent too, never going above 70c at max load and at idle it always stays at 39c with fans completely turned off, that way me and the card can chill while I'm just doing light tasks or watching YouTube.

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  • 2 months ago
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That's a sharp looking build. I like the minimal RGB. The ring on that Wraith cooler really pops. You shouldn't need a better fan. Arctic may not be expensive, but they are top quality. Seeing builds like this almost makes me tempted to do a MicroATX build when I put my own system together.

  • 2 months ago
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Looks great!

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