I use this machine for everything from vet work, gaming, and drafting.

The Rosewill Challenger case was very fun to work with as there is ample room to work with, plenty of drive space, and still be capable of good airflow. The case is very quiet even with 5 fans operating at 60% most of the day. My only gripe with it was the USB 3.0 cable was about 4 inches too long and very stiff but was fixed by the motherboard's 90 degree slot.

I chose the Gammaxx 400 instead of the CM Hyper Evo or similar because I used the Evo in other people's builds and would rather try using something else. This heatsink being about the same size and felt of higher quality than the CM was very solid and comes with an LED 120mm fan that fits the tower and color scheme. I did use the stock compound when doing benchmarks and found it to perform quite well only being about 5 degrees hotter than AS5.

MSI's mobo is a bit expensive but for what it does it does well. It has many features that I've wanted to try out like M.2 vs PCI SSD vs eSATA. The UEFI is very easy to navigate and setup for multi-drive is a breeze. OC Genie is included if you want your processor to be OC'd via the board but I had my manual OC use .015 less VCore for 4.4GHz and remain stable after 4hr IBT and 4hr FPU on Aida.

Part Reviews


Great chip for gamers who want to try overclocking.

CPU Cooler

Saw so many reviews for the Hyper 212 that I wanted to try something else and found this tall gem. Offers cooling on par with the 212 but in a prettier package (subjectively speaking). Has a nice slim design that allows the RAM to be unobstructed while also adding a nice touch with its blue LED fan that pushes a surprising amount of air.

Thermal Compound

There are better compounds but by negligible amounts after its suggested burn-in time of 200 hours. But stress tests usually cut through that in no time.


The layout of the board is what surprised me most. Fan headers were within reach for every fan with enough slack for tie-downs. PCI-e slots are plentiful with a nice mix for old PCI added in between. Power delivery seems very efficient as my 4690K could only OC to 4.0Ghz 1.025v on an old Biostar while this got me to 4.2Ghz at 1.025v. Motherboard PCB is a dark brown color that is noticeable from the underside but looks black towards the front. It also supports two newer techs. M.2 and eSATA. I was looking forward to trying out PCI-based M.2 but SATA based modules work extremely well and can really help with cable management if you're into that. This board also supports hot-swap though it must be enabled in the UEFI.


It's RAM! It worked right out of the box at 1866mhz without XMP but timings had to be played with manually.


It worked right out of the box at 1866mhz without XMP but timings had to be played with manually.


Great as a boot drive. From power to Windows 8.1 (no fast boot) in about 7 seconds. I would highly recommend this drive for OS, gaming platforms like Steam/Origin, browsers and iTunes. If you're looking for a good boot drive, this is it. If you're using a 2nd SSD and want something with better power efficiency go for the BX100 by Crucial.


Using them at home for the server's hot-swap backup and thought I should use one in my main machine as well.


Great drive for gamers. Has good access time, 5 year warranty, and the noise is comparable to a WD Blue 1TB. If this is on sale for 150, get it if you need one.

Video Card

I own a Gigabyte 970 Windforce and feel that this 750ti is still better than most of the offerings out there. This card is in my computer even after I bought the 970 and it powers through modern games at 60fps with AA off which is amazing considering this only draws 65W at load.


Once again, I am in love with Rosewill cases. Excellent airflow, wide array of bays allows this case to be a true contender for value. Lots of room for cable management and drives. If SSD's were more affordable I'd stick 8 of them in there, use an Nvidia card for gaming and an AMD card to heat my coffee in the morning and then let the precise airflow cool it down... "it" as in the coffee since that AMD is hot even at OFF.

Power Supply

This is a Super Flower PSU that has been rebranded by Rosewill for distribution. Comes with everything you would expect from reputable PSU manufacturers like Corsair. Unlike Corsair, this power supply comes with two SATA harnesses with 4 each rather than 2 with 2 for a total of 8 drives being powered. The cables are sleeved with a hard mesh material that I would recommend sleeving if that's your thing. Loving the 80+ Gold as my room doesn't get as hot as it used to in the summer.

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  • 51 months ago
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Hows the graphics card, what ames can you run on this and at what settings? nice build btw

  • 51 months ago
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The 750ti is a very good card. Drawing a meager 65-85 watts whilst maintaining 30fps on most current games at 1920x1080 Medium with AA (granted you won't be using anti-aliasing or postprocessing effects if you want the higher details).

Would I recommend this card today? Maybe. If you're planning on gaming at a desk... 970 (which I have) or 980ti (which I have). Getting a better card is better obviously. If you're using this in an HTPC, go for it. I notice 1080 from 720 more than I do detail settings from 10 feet away. Granted, everyone is different, you're playing high action games like CoD or Battlefield where you're more focused on the objective rather than the beautiful scenery. If you're expecting to play newer RPG's where the scenery is important, try to get yourself a 370x from AMD.

  • 51 months ago
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I see, thanks dude and good luck with you build! Not a bad one eithrt