So i started wanting a pc during christmas of 2018. I was bored of my xbox one s and wanted to try a pc. At first i was looking for prebuilt pcs for around £800. during this time i was told that building your pc was much more cost effective and that you could get a higher spec. I was intrigued. I found myself on reddit on r/buildapc and r/buildapcforme. Over the next 4-5months i was looking and learning at everything i could about pcs, how to build them and how to pick parts for your pc. i spent around 5 months just choosing parts.. Over the course of those 5 months i managed to save up a bit more money which expanded my budget. So after a while of picking, i finally finished and ordered my parts. I was still abit scared about building it so i got my godfather (who knows nothing about build pcs) to help me. he is an electrician so it helped with wires. The build took about 4 hrs to make in the end but went pretty smooth and booted first try... I would like to tidy up the usb 3.0 cable near the gpu but thats fine for now. P.S THIS BUILD IS FOR GAMING, PHOTOSHOP AND 3D DESIGN

CPU: I picked ryzen as was told its better for workstations and its certainly more cost effective. only thing i regret is not waiting for ryzen 3000.

MOBO: This was a higly regarded motherboard and it looks nice with plenty of connectors although i needed a few expansions.

RAM: what can i say? super fast and looks amazing.

Storage: Wanted an NVME as im the most impatient person you will ever meet. boots windows in under 15 seconds and rlly cheap.

Graphics: Was originally getting a 2060 but squeezed the push to 2070. Performs really nice and smooooooth. rgb is decent.

Case: So sexy. Plenty of room and good airflow. cable management was a breeze. nice fans aswell look great.

PSU: Fine for the job but quite loud. Cables are chunky as hell.

Wireless adapter: Quite fast. Easy to install

Fans: Look absolutely incredible and really quiet

Monitor: Good Quality, Nice curve, No speakers which is a downside but i really like it.

Keyboard Beautiful keyboard. was originally going tenkeyless but went full in the end. Browns are really nice and USB passthrough is also convenient.

Mouse: Nice mouse, Quite big but i have big hands so it fits. Dont notice the lag.

Thanks for reading

pics coming soon

Part Reviews


Good performance, 8 cores which is perfect for work and gaming. all round great cpu


Beautiful Motherboard. Would've liked more usb headers and pwm fan headers but there were solutions for that. bios are easy to use and the rgb is great although the software isnt great


Super Fast. Looks great and icue is easy to use.


amazing little nvme. really cheap for great performance. Boots windows in under 15 seconds

Video Card

Good card but quite flimsy and can tell its a cheaper model. Runs really smooth and rgb is a nice feature


Great looking case. Plenty of room for cable management and good airflow. Comes with two pre installed LL120s aswell as node pro so totally worth it

Power Supply

Cables are very fat and take up a lot of room for cable management but other than that no problems

Wireless Network Adapter

Fast and Easy to install. Connects to windows immediately.

Case Fan

Just beautiful. the lights on these things are out of this world and icue is the easiest lighting software ive ever used.


Great looking monitor. Curve is very nice. Looks amazing and has a clip on the stand for cable management.


Amazing keyboard. Couldnt be happier and the browns are so nice to game and type with. USB pass through is a great addition


Basically no lag time using slipstream. Up to 18000 dpi which is perfect and very customisable. Very big mouse.


Amazing little product. Small and fits in your case no problem. Very Very helpful.


Again an amazing product. Sticks onto side of case to help with cable management aswell.

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  • 8 months ago
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Teal/white color scheme looks dope af

  • 8 months ago
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Beautiful build, I have the same Cpu.

  • 8 months ago
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  • 7 months ago
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Yep running at 3200