This build is the iteration (surprisingly) of my sleeper pc i made a while back (, a lot of parts changed out, but i ended up with a pc far more powerful than i anticipated, i ended up frying the dell motherboard that was in my old build so i really upgraded. i ended up also getting an i7 3770k to go into the motherboard (of which it landed at 4.5 ghz at 1.2000v). id push it further, but i need a better cooler if i even want to think about pushing the overclock. then no mans sky need more ram, so i upgraded that. then i found an rx vega 64, and got it for $399. then it kept maxing out my old psu, so i upgraded that. and then it at that point became a complete evolution of my old build. and a very sexy beast of a computer. Been Running Pop_OS 19.04 since June 2019

Part Reviews

Thermal Compound

I emptied the tube on all of my electronics, it makes a huge difference

Video Card

Bought it from a cryptocurrency miner, runs hot

Wireless Network Adapter

First thing, IT IS REALLY FAST. but when you run it in linux, after the computer wakes from sleep, it may not reconnect


Sound great, subwoofer is a little lacking


Great for the games i play, has a little bit of smearing, came to me with a few dead pixels, although they are so small i barely notice them in use

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