I'm 13 years old and this is my first build, I procrastinated on posting this for a few months and I've finally got around to taking pictures of my build.

I use this computer mainly to play games, surf the web, and to program which I'm learning off the internet.

Building was a pretty fun experience, I followed Joey Delgado's guide and things went pretty smoothly. The only problem I had after putting everything together was there being no sound in Windows which was caused by me plugging in the HD Audio cable a row of pins too high. Overall it took around 30 minutes to hook everything up and start up for the first time. Installing Windows 10 was simple and done from a USB stick, from there I installed my drivers and games.

Everything's been running great and whisper quiet so far, nothing more I can really say on these parts as many before me have written great in depth reviews about them. All the parts were ordered off of Amazon except for the 560 which was ordered from Newegg, there were barely any in stock. I would've opted for a better GPU like a 580 or 570 but crypto mining drove them either out of stock or to outrageous prices, my budget was 800$.

My 1300X is overclocked to 4.0Ghz@1.325v after lots of vigorous testing in prime95 with my GPU overclocked to 1324MHz on the core and 2000MHz on the memory stable after many loops of Unigine Valley/Heaven. My 1300X doesn't breach 60C under load for the most part with the occasional spike to 65C and my GPU doesn't breach 65C under load at all with the fans spinning at a max of 2000RPM.

Overall building a computer was an exciting experience and turning it on everytime knowing you put all that stuff together feels pretty neat. I upgraded from my dad's 2011 MacBook Pro so this was an amazing switch.

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  • 25 months ago
  • 2 points

Very smart budget build. I like the choice of parts, and yeah, the GPU market has been rough lately.

  • 19 months ago
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This is an awesome build and the pictures are on par with the quality and care this whole computer shows. It's hella that younger people like you are getting into pc building more and more and I hope it lasts you a good while. Good luck with programming by the way! It's stressful at times but a skill like that will take you a long way in the future. Cheers and welcome to the PCMR!