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Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 OEM (64-bit)

( 4.7 Average / 812 Ratings )




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Windows 7 Home Premium SP1




Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Ebuyer £67.95 £67.95+
CCL Computers £74.95 £74.95+
Novatech £79.98 £79.98+

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from completed build Storm Stryker Gaming Build

7 is a good OS, but let's be honest. New copies of 7 are only being used to upgrade to Windows 10 later this year. It might explain why its still so expensive, I only managed to get it for this price because I only bought the key and used a friend's disc to install.

from completed build Tiny Tina 2.5

Kind of want 8.1, but I guess I'll wait for Win10 to come out.

from completed build Guest Gamer

The God OS, for now. Let's see about Windows 10.

from completed build Valentine Punk

7 > 8

from completed build Bruiser on a Budget

It is what it is.

8.1 scares me. Crossing my fingers that the free Windows 10 upgrade will be quick and painless... like pulling a band-aid.

from completed build 3rd PC Build - MightyByte

Best Windows to date. I install from USB 3.0 thumb drive. That said Windows needs to start optimizing their code. Windows is getting bloated and sluggish compared to what it was.

from completed build Client Build: Operation Blackbird

Windows 7 was chosen as this rig's operating system due to its impressive and easy to use interface, and because it is a generally comfortable experience.

from completed build White Ice

Easy to use OS!

from completed build My first ever build

What can a person honestly say about this? I got the disk and key, I installed it.

I got windows 7 because windows 8.1 killed my laptop, my mouse wouldn't work and the screen kept flashing me.