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Haswell Mini-ITX Build *** Blue Dream
by vlad007

June 2013 : I currently use this as HTPC in a dual screen setup. 24 inches Monitor and 40 inches TV. I really like the case, very well designed. Was hesitating between A10 Build or Ivy Bridge with low-end video card but finally decided to wait for Haswell.

The HD4600 does a good job in gaming for a integrated GPU. Tried Skyrim and couple other games at Medium at it runs well. I will add a dedicated GPU for more intense gaming in a couple of months but for now the Haswell does a great job.

After looking at ASRock B85M-ITX, I realized this motherboard was 20$ cheaper with the only difference in USB ports. All parts work well except for the Wi-Fi adapter. I live in an apartment and it has some reception problems.

RAM was bought around December 2012. Saved 30$ because of this. Thermal compound was from a previosly built PC but used it again.

**EDIT : January 5th 2014 : PSU was Replaced with Antec HCG-520M

Part List
Date BuiltJune 10, 2013
Intel Core i5-4430 3.0GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Clock Rate3.0GHz
CPU Temperature While Idle30.0° C
CPU Temperature Under Load60.0° C
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